24 August 2009

Bench Monday

So, here are my feet again, perched atop an old rickety chair I picked up in an El Paso, TX thrift store for a whole dollar years ago. It was for the look of it and not much else. At the time, I thought it would great to catch the things in the bedroom that other wise would end up on the floor. Since then, it has been the time-out chair and the computer chair.
My naked feet have joined us again and for the life of me, I have no idea why, but since they decided to participate, I thought I'd allow it.
Off the clean the kitchen counter and sink before Little Miss Ava joins us for the stormy Monday morning!
And, maybe later I will share some details of all the happenings of this past week.

17 August 2009

Bench Monday

Here's a bench and it is Monday and I took it upside down. I did it because these are the types of days we are having. We have added a friend to come and play with us two days a week. Her momma and I parted our former employer together as part of a lovely force reduction plan. She's nearby with her new job and I am at home with my wee ones: why not make good use of our current positions? So far, I think it is working out rather well!

Alas, here are my feet perched up on a bench to join the forces in spreading Bench Monday!

Now, if anyone has any new ideas as how to get the lipstick and mascara off of my bench without having to repaint it, just say the words!