30 May 2009

Anything to stall night-night

And there the bedroom door just slammed again, followed immediately with tears and cries as if his wee-self has been neglected all day long. After all, we did go to the Farmer's Market and he held Mommie's hand while she carried Peanut in a sling, and lest we forget the trip to Mr. Chuck's house and seeing the bicycle with a motor on it (moped that hubby is getting in exchange for a donation to help get a new furnace for an organization), or the trip to Sleven for a Slurpee and Doritos, or rummaging through Big Bruder's room to find the other cap gun, or hours of playing outside with Mommie and Daddy, oh, and let us not forget raiding Pee-paw's chocolate jar when we found out Nannie and Big Bruder were not at Nannie and Pee-paw's house! Oh no, poor wee-one who is now, thanks to a Daddy rescue, laying on the couch at 9pm watching Hockey!

As for me, we had a really busy day with the usual laundry, dishes, and so on. Lots of weeding the garden and rigging ways to deter the deer from eating our squash blooms! Hubby has been weeding lately and I am happy to have the help. I'll post a picture of the growing garden soon. Today I stood out looking at it and was amazed at how much it has grown so far. We will have squash for dinner later this week. Yippee!!!!! Zucchini bread will follow in a month. Our garden has nearly paid for itself so far just from the salads we have not had to buy for our dinners and lunches!

27 May 2009

The Hair

Sixteen inches will be donated to Locks for Love and that's what I did on 05/23/2009.


I think back on my experiences here and there in my life and often I can't believe where I came from, where I've been, and where I am heading. Right now, I sit at my desk at work and type away like there is really something going on here, when in reality, I'bve been here, pecking away for three years and have not had even one moment of proffessional growth. Nope, not one. So, when co-workers stop by to check on me and pour the pity on, I they are befuddled when I say that I am fine. No, really, I am fine with this lay-off. This is life and this is how this nightmare of a job finally ends. Am I happy that I sat here for three years? No, but I am grateful to have had a job where I did meet some nice people. Honestly, I have been ready to move on and now that I am in this position, I am happy. Other things will come along and I can spend time with my kids and I relish that thought well above anything else going right now.

Why no post on Veteran's Day? Because I am a vet and I was happy to be hanging out at home with my family thinking about all of my ancestors who served before me and how they helped protect this great country.

22 May 2009


You know, some days you just get up and things flow, and then there are the days where you swear you are fighting every element in th world just to move, let alone function. Well, the later was my morning today.

Last week I found out that I am being laid-off due to my position being eliminated. Now, you'd think that would break my heart, but trust me, it doesn't. Long story and will just leave it at that. I am embracing this break in my career because I have three little people who would love to have one wild and crazy mommie home for the summer and I am cool with that!

However, since I do have some time left at the normal job, I was scheduled to take a class (I have to take classes to keep my licensure) today. I looked forward to it because knowing the instructor, we'd get out early and I'd get home early and I'd LOVE IT!!!

Class was canceled. UGH!!!!! Why "UGH!!!!"? Well, because I was sitting at the school, in my Jeep, knitting away while this woman kept coming out of another office starring at me, all the while, unaware my class had been canceled. So, at 9am, I had to go to said job and be there all day. I'm there now. Shhhh, don't tell.

20 May 2009

Thrift Store Finds Part 2

Wow, yesterday, not a day I intending on spending any money yielded another fabulous find: fabric. I LOVE getting fabric at the thrift store. Nothing like five yards for $2.
The picturesque scene was made in the 80's and I haven't decided if it would be better as a tote or an apron. Gotta figure that one out. The brown and white fabric is a polyester and will eventually become a skirt. Now, the other two will becone skirts or pinafores for the weeone, or both!

19 May 2009

Okay, I'm learning this as I go.

Day One of this Thing

I just thought that with my crazy kind of life, that a blog about it and all of my adventures might be in order. I don't really know why, but I just did.

I have days where nothing all that incredible happens and then there are those days where it seems the adventures never stop.

I went out at lunch to the local thrift store in the small town that I work in and found this great little set of Mickey Mouse Weebles for $4! Hubby and I had just been telling the boys about Weebles the other night and they thought we were crazy!