22 May 2009


You know, some days you just get up and things flow, and then there are the days where you swear you are fighting every element in th world just to move, let alone function. Well, the later was my morning today.

Last week I found out that I am being laid-off due to my position being eliminated. Now, you'd think that would break my heart, but trust me, it doesn't. Long story and will just leave it at that. I am embracing this break in my career because I have three little people who would love to have one wild and crazy mommie home for the summer and I am cool with that!

However, since I do have some time left at the normal job, I was scheduled to take a class (I have to take classes to keep my licensure) today. I looked forward to it because knowing the instructor, we'd get out early and I'd get home early and I'd LOVE IT!!!

Class was canceled. UGH!!!!! Why "UGH!!!!"? Well, because I was sitting at the school, in my Jeep, knitting away while this woman kept coming out of another office starring at me, all the while, unaware my class had been canceled. So, at 9am, I had to go to said job and be there all day. I'm there now. Shhhh, don't tell.

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