27 May 2009


I think back on my experiences here and there in my life and often I can't believe where I came from, where I've been, and where I am heading. Right now, I sit at my desk at work and type away like there is really something going on here, when in reality, I'bve been here, pecking away for three years and have not had even one moment of proffessional growth. Nope, not one. So, when co-workers stop by to check on me and pour the pity on, I they are befuddled when I say that I am fine. No, really, I am fine with this lay-off. This is life and this is how this nightmare of a job finally ends. Am I happy that I sat here for three years? No, but I am grateful to have had a job where I did meet some nice people. Honestly, I have been ready to move on and now that I am in this position, I am happy. Other things will come along and I can spend time with my kids and I relish that thought well above anything else going right now.

Why no post on Veteran's Day? Because I am a vet and I was happy to be hanging out at home with my family thinking about all of my ancestors who served before me and how they helped protect this great country.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my Giveaway!

    I hear you in the "I have a job, meet nice people but I am stiflingly bored here." I took advantage of the opportunity to leave a similar job last fall and I have been so much happier and productive! I'm even opening an etsy shop!

    Congrats on your very positive attitude!

  2. Thanks Becky! Smetimes being just flat out broke makes for a happier and stronger family. Definitely lends itself to becoming more resourceful. Which is one reason for perusing creative blogs: to find ways to entertain my children and show them that we don't need to blow the bank to enjoy life. Hubby and I decided this past Christmas, ok, I decided and he decided that going with my decision was a good one, that we would stop buying "stuff" for everybody because "stuff" just takes up space, and "stuff" doesn't just take up space, it clutters the brain! But, in th eend, I decided that I wanted to give more consumable goods for gifts, things that could be savoured for the moment, not things that had to be dusted six months later!

    As for the horrid job, well, I have been a "thing" there that needs to be dusted off and put back to work, albeit not there, but right here at home, loving my kids and tending the garden, and the garden doesn't just have food to grow, it has three little souls who need to be watered, sunned, fed and cared for every day.