11 July 2009

Big Brother Time

LB takes his big brother responsibilites very seriously. He collected E on the loveseat to entertain her the other night while I was implementing sleep re-training on Bam-bam.
From the pictures, snapped between putting BB back in bed, this special time was to E's delight as LB read to her and showed her picture books. Poor baby was so tired, but she hung in there for Momma and so did LB. Bam-bam, on the other hand fought dearly and I have the scratches to prove it to keep from giving up and going to sleep.

Bam-bam was going to bed all peacefully until daddy decided he could hold him on the couch and let him fall asleep to the sound of the TV. Eh-eh, no TV dreaming under my roof! Reason #1-no good sleep results from that racket. Reason #2-what happens when you don't have a TV to listen to when you are, oh say, out in the woods camping?!?!? Reason #3-because I love my children and will not put a TV in their room, nor should I be subject to watching pre-school programmming at 10pm because some little one hasn't fallen asleep, yet! Bad ju-ju that TV dreaming thing is. Bad ju-ju.

Last night was night #3, and off to bed he went, w/o fussing!

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