01 June 2009

The Garden is Growing!!!!

1 June 2009, I'm dating it because this is the first day of my last month at this dreaded job. My last day is the 30th and I am sad to be leaving the working world for now, but elated to be spending more time at home with my little people. For now though, melancholy has set in while I am at work. That point where the soul is conflicted between happy and sad. For eight hours each day I sit with out any real purpose and with out a real job or sense of worth with my department. This is amplified by the fact that the new boss been brought down several times to meet the staff and the person responsible for introductions stops short of my office. I guess it is best that he can not put a name and a face with the position that has been eliminated. Those of us who have been laid-off have been treated as if we have a disease or as if we are not known. Some have been here for over twenty years. I will miss working a job that I enjoy, I just won't miss being here.

Despite the occassional bunny munching going on out there, the garden is surviving. A little over grown with grass, but we commute and have three wee ones who need tending as soon as we get home, so the grass grows.

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