22 June 2009

With a Sense of Peace

As I have written before, I have been bombarded by most with a sense of doom from the impending job lose, however, I woke this morning with a migraine and a complete sense of peace. I usually run completely ragged until I drop the wee ones off at daycare, but this morning, all was calm.

Maybe the calmness came from the sense of peace that I created in my home by creating this weekend. Maybe from stealing moments here and there to create things just because I could. Maybe because I decided that staying home was the solution to the lost weekends. Maybe the peace came from not saying "yes, or "no" to the implied invites or requests for our attendance here or there, or maybe it came from accepting the household chaos and declining to not get flustered by what I did not accomplish and celebrating what I did.

Who knows?

I did, somehow, without much fuss, manage in between dishes and laundry and solving 3 year old issues and nursing and cuddling a 7 month old, to make two aprons for my dear friend's little girls, a potholder to go into the Christmas gift stash, and a skirt for my little one. I made dinner for my husband last night and brownies on Saturday. My brother and his girlfriend came up to bring veggies from the CSA and spend the day. I found all the nasty tomato worms that my husband graciously plucked and killed in the garden. And, just enjoyed the weekend that seemed to take its time flowing by.

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